Zion Williamson’s stepfather delivers a mysterious letter as the love debate rages on

Zion Williamson’s stepfather spoke to a group of students and gave general advice that may or may not be relevant to the NBA star’s current romantic predicament.

Williamson and his girlfriend, Ahkeema, threw a gender reveal party earlier this week and announced they were expecting a baby girl in November, an announcement that sent adult film star Maurya Mills on Twitter for days to express feelings of betrayal.

On Friday, Williamson was announced as a partner of Jefferson Parish Schools — according to ESPN, the NBA star’s foundation. Donated $250,000 to the school district For uniform costs—about an hour outside of New Orleans, and Anderson gave me some tips for the group of students, school staff, and media in attendance.

“Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear,” Anderson said, as covered by Nola.com.

Williamson did not speak to reporters at the event.

Anderson’s quote, related to Williamson’s complex love context, was a surreal moment.

“From the ‘Can’t Make This Up’ file,” chirp Darren Rovell from Action Network.

Anderson was in the news a couple of months ago when FS1 host Skip Bayliss reported that Willamson’s stepfather was in conflict with Pelican management over how to handle the player.

“Team management is increasingly at odds with Zion’s stepfather, who kind of runs the show at Camp Zion,” Bayliss said. “They only think that the stepfather, with the advice of the doctors on their side, keeps Zion from playing.

“The stepfather is increasingly dissatisfied with the team as he continues to practice the clause in his contract that, on a monthly basis, they can be weighed.”

Williamson played just 29 games last season after missing last year with a foot injury.

Even after Williamson missed the entire previous season, the Pelicans signed him to a five-year deal worth up to $231 million this past July.

Earlier this week, Williamson’s apparent girlfriend Ahima threw a gender reveal party, which Williamson was beaming with.

Shortly thereafter, Mills began a storm of tweets claiming that she had recently been involved in sexual relations with Williamson, that he was planning to fund her move to New Orleans and that she was “definitely late.”

Her tweets continued for days, as she has now compiled a timeline in which she believes the pregnancy occurred shortly after Valentine’s Day, when Mills says she was recovering from complications from butt reduction surgery.

At the same time, a third woman claimed she was also romantically involved with Williamson, calling the NBA star an “ass sex addict.”

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