Zamalek management is taking advantage of the international break to sign a foreign super coach

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The management of the Zamalek club, headed by Hussein Labib, decided to take advantage of the pause in the Egyptian League due to the first national team’s camp to play the matches of Djibouti and Sierra Leone this November in the World Cup qualifiers, in order to contract a foreign super coach for the white team to succeed the Colombian coach Juan Carlos Osorio, who left due to poor results. With the appointment of Motamed Jamal as interim general coach.

The Zamalek administration wants to sign a new foreign coach during the international break in order to give him sufficient opportunity to get to know the players, with the possibility of playing some friendly matches to determine the players’ physical and technical levels well.

The Zamalek administration is currently studying many biographies of coaches from Europe, whether Portuguese or Spanish, who have a great history, and a comparison is being made among them, with a choice being made from among them within the next few hours, after the administration in the past hours had reservations about one name, which is the contract with the Portuguese coach. Paulo Souza because of his previous work in Israel.

In another context, the Zamalek administration is sticking so far to its decision to offer the trio Ahmed Fattouh, Mostafa El-Zenari and Mohamed Sobhi for sale next January due to their departure from the team’s camp before the match with Z in the league, as the administration wants to impose a system to control the dressing room within the first football team in Zamalek and to avoid… Repeating these actions from other players on the team.

Speaking of Zamalek’s winter deals file next January, the Zamalek administration is currently making great attempts to pay the fines imposed on the club by FIFA, in order to lift the restriction on Zamalek’s first football team, which prevented the White Club from including new deals in the recent summer transfer period. .

The administration decided, if they succeeded in lifting the restriction, to include at least 7 new deals in the winter transfer period in order to treat the negative results that the football team is suffering from this season, which have continued since last season, which witnessed the loss of many titles, whether locally or in the African Championship.

The administration wants to include super players to save Zamalek’s current season, which witnesses the participation of the white team in the Premier League competition, which it lost last season, in addition to the Egypt Cup and the African Confederation Cup, in which Zamalek reached the group stage, and the administration and Zamalek fans are counting on it a lot in order to win it in the next edition. The current one, to regain the title that Zamalek won the last time in the 2019 championship, when it won the title in the final match at the expense of the Moroccan team RS Berkane, with the former Swiss coach of Zamalek, Christian Gross, at the time.

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