Zamalek decides to suspend Fattouh, El-Zenari and Sobhi and offer them for sale… and thank Osorio

The Zamalek Club Board of Directors, headed by Captain Hussein Labib, announced in an official statement the results of its urgent meeting held this evening at the club’s headquarters. The statement came as follows:

Upholding the sporting values ​​and principles that represent a fixed philosophy and strategy for the club and will not be changed for any reason, and in light of what was proven in the memorandum of Captain Abdel Wahed Al-Sayed, director of football for the first team, that the players Ahmed Fattouh, Mohamed Sobhi, and Mustafa El-Zenari have committed violations and transgressions that require dealing with them in a decisive manner.

The Council decided to suspend the players Ahmed Fattouh, Mohamed Sobhi and Mustafa El-Zenari and refer them for urgent investigation, and present the result of the investigation to the Council in accordance with FIFA regulations.

Therefore, Ahmed Fattouh, Mohamed Sobhi, and Mustafa El-Zenari are offered for sale.

Thanking Osorio, his assistant, and Captain Medhat Abdel Hadi.

Appointment of certified captain Jamal as “general coach” and acting technical director until the apparatus is reconstituted.

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