“You’re right Eduardo, I failed you”

For those who know Eduardo Eurnekian, who are quite a few, his joking statements about Javier Milei were not surprising. Some of these people interpret it as a failed act.

The truth is that today the leading businessman of one of the largest airport businesses in the world said wryly about his former employee of 16 years: “I have 3,700 people who work in my company, one failed, what do you want me to do?”.

The response of the 90-year-old businessman to a crowd of journalists waiting for him at the door of the Alvear surprised Javier Milei when he entered a few minutes later to attend the lunch with more than 300 businessmen. Milei responded: “It is a joke” and he avoided the photographers and journalists who were waiting for him.

But because of what happened next I wouldn’t have taken it so lightly.

Milei arrived accompanied by his sister Karina, sat at the main table and waited for the host of the meeting, Marcos Pereda, to finish the introductory speech. Then he went up to the lectern, spoke more about the crisis and less about his proposals, and began a conversation in which he answered questions.

Once finished He made a complete detour in a crowded room to approach Eurnekian which was also located on the main table but at the other end.

Milei told him: “You’re right, Eduardo, I failed you.” and they both laughed loudly.

A while before it had been Karina Milei who looked for Eurnekian to greet him personally.

Afterwards, the libertarian came especially close to the table where the executives of Corporación América were. And there he shook hands with Daniel Simonutti. He greeted him loudly: “This is a crack, the real crack.”

Simonutti is a senior executive at Corporación América and was key when Milei worked at that company. He was the director to whom Milei reported and in the face of the candidate’s long explanations he knew how to reprimand him with the argument that She didn’t have such time for him to explain his vision.

Milei thanked him because “he helped him synthesize.” The bond was later reinforced when in New York and in front of one of the large international consulting firms, Milei, who accompanied Simonutti, insisted on discussing a calculation. She did it her own way and “she was right,” said Corporación América executives.

During the brief moments in which the libertarian was seated at the main table he received a special request, this time from Javier Bolzico of the association of national capital banks. He reminded her that they had presented a plan on how to dismantle the Leliq to their technical teams. And he reiterated that they were willing to help. After all it is one of the themes more delicate issues that will be faced by the next administration.

With that, Milei left for what are his last hours of the campaign and in this way a long tradition in Cicyp was broken. At those lunches her oldest director offers a toast. It was Eduardo Eurenkian’s turn, who was left wanting. Tomorrow it will be offered to Sergio Massa, the guest who will be asked the same questions that Milei was asked today.

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