You won’t believe the wealth of the 10 richest billionaires exceeds the gross product of more than 100 countries

Day by day, the issue of economic inequality becomes a pressing concern in the world, with the increasing concentration of wealth among a few individuals, especially the 10 richest people in the world, which is in stark contrast to the economic conditions faced by many countries struggling with poverty. and backwardness.

The disparity between great wealth and extreme poverty raises fundamental questions about equity and social justice and the need for policies that address these inequalities. This calls for a comprehensive and inclusive approach to economic growth and development, with a focus on reducing poverty, improving access to education and health care, and creating opportunities for sustainable livelihoods, according to CEOWORLD magazine, which was viewed by Al

According to data collected by the American magazine, the 10 richest people in the world have a combined net worth of $1.39 trillion. This amount exceeded the combined GDP of the 100 poorest countries, which is $998.2 billion, by $400 billion.

Ranking of billionaires:

Elon Musk $232 billion

Bernard Arnault $197 billion

Jeff Bezos; $149 billion

Larry Ellison $135 billion

Bill Gates $132 billion

Warren Buffett $118 billion

Steve Ballmer $116 billion

Larry Page $110 billion

Sergey Brin $105 billion

Mark Zuckerberg $103 billion

This comparison raises important questions about wealth distribution, income inequality, and the potential impact on social and economic development.

It stresses the need for greater efforts to tackle poverty and promote inclusive economic growth on a global scale. Narrowing the gap between the richest individuals and the poorest countries also requires comprehensive approaches that focus on sustainable development, fair distribution of resources, and promotion of opportunities for marginalized communities.

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