Yolanda Díaz: “Democracy wins with the amnesty”

After the controversial intervention of Santiago Abascalthe response of Patxi Lopez and the abandonment of Vox deputies from the hemicycle, Yolanda Diaz has taken the floor on behalf of summer. In his speech he was very criticism with the PP addressing Feijóo directly on multiple occasions, ensuring that “It is easier to burn down Spain than to build it, but this government, despite you, is going to continue building”.

The second vice president and acting Minister of Labor did not take long to talk about Catalonia and the controversy Amnesty Law which has focused the debate during the afternoon stating that with it “democracy wins” why “Only a Spain that accepts itself as it is can face all its challenges”.

Furthermore, Díaz has highlighted the coherence of his party in reference to the crisis in Catalonia. “We said no to DUI and we said no to 155. We said dialogue and politics”he said from the rostrum.

The leader of the left-wing coalition has been very harsh with the Popular Party’s continuous allusions to the Constitution in the debates on the Amnesty Law. She has told the popular that “they are not owners of the Spanish Constitution” and? “they are not going to give us lessons in democracy”while citing several articles of the Magna Carga accusing the PP of not complying with them.

He has also reminded the popular ones who were against advances such as the right to divorce o al equality marriage.

Díaz has also addressed Santiago Abascal, already absent, demanding that “says the frivolizer with what is happening in our country” after he accused Pedro Sánchez in his speech of leading a coup d’état and leading Spain to a dictatorship. “In a dictatorship the opponents are not sitting here, they are in jail”has said.

“The legislature of life time”

The leader of summer and main partner of Sánchez He wanted to have a nod towards the PSOE and its coalition agreement. Díaz has assured that This is “the term of life” and has stated that “This government’s strategy must continue to be to raise salaries”.

“We want more time to live, more time to enjoy, more time to care, more time to be happy. And we are going to do it because where these recipes are applied, productivity has increased,” he said from the podium.

Díaz has also stated that the Scholarship Statute and has claimed a Tax Reform “fair, that complies with the mandate of constitutionality, feminist, green and digital.”

Sánchez, excited

In his reply, Sánchez has boasted that this last legislature has been the first experience of a coalition government at the state level in Spain, he showed “very excited” about this new phase and thanked Sumar for predisposition to understanding “from our differences”.

“I am very excited about this new phase of the progressive coalition government. For the left of our country, Europe and other parts of the world “It is a pleasure to see that the Spanish left understand each other”Sánchez told Díaz from the stands.

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