Yemeni official: Al-Houthi is trading in the Taiz humanitarian file

The head of the Yemeni government team on opening roads in Taiz Governorate, Abdul Karim Shaiban, confirmed that the negotiations with Al-Houthi had reached a dead end, stressing that the negotiations had completely stopped.

Shaiban said, “The Houthi has many requests, as it trades in people’s suffering, and the humanitarian file has no consideration for it.” with taxes and customs.

He pointed out that the Houthis propose that the Taiz issue will be resolved within the framework of a comprehensive solution for Yemen, and they want international recognition for them, with the salaries of employees in the areas under their control being paid from the treasury of the legitimate government despite the huge revenues they receive, whether from the port of Hodeidah or taxes, customs and communications, calling for the pressure to intensify. He urged the Houthis to open the roads, saying: “The international community should not adopt double standards, and should know that there are millions of people trapped inside the city of Taiz, who have great human suffering as a result of the Houthi siege, which trades the issue to achieve military and political gains at the expense of people’s suffering.”

He pointed out that it is illogical for any agreement to be reached without reaching a solution to open the roads in Taiz, since the issue is purely humanitarian.

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