“Women” .. on the hierarchy of clubs

Day after day, Saudi women prove their competence and worthiness to enter all fields, and after the presidency of sports clubs was monopolized by men, women have now been able to reach leadership positions in the sports sector, and in light of the interest that the sports sector receives from officials, and work To enhance the status of women and expand their active participation in advancing women’s sports, women are looking forward to having a footprint in the administrative sports field, which is witnessing a major qualitative leap in the framework of women’s empowerment. Princess Rima bint Bandar bin Sultan was the first woman to head the women’s department of the Saudi General Sports Authority in August 2016, and on July 17, 2020, she was elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee.

There are officials in the Ministry of Sports who play a great leadership role, and they have presented many sports events and celebrations. Today, women have become an active element in the sports community, such as Princess Dalal Bint Fahd Al Saud, who works as Director of the Youth Programs Department at the Ministry of Sports, and plays a successful leadership role that contributed to many Sports activities, as well as Princess Dalil Bint Nahar bin Saud Al Saud, Deputy Director General of the Saudi Games, and Adwaa Al-Arifi, Assistant Minister for Sports Affairs, who was previously a member of the Saudi Football Association.

Recently, women have begun to compete for leadership positions and positions in clubs, such as Mrs. Hanan Al-Qurashi, who became the president of Waj Sports Club, and who with all strength and confidence presented herself by entering this field and presenting her administrative expertise, and giving Saudi women confidence in themselves. She has any objection to becoming a first-class leader, which opened the way for giving confidence to Mrs. Manahel Al-Muhaimid, who presented herself as a member of the board of directors of Al-Nasr Club, who is currently running in the elections with the list of candidate Thamer Al-Yamani.

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