With victory…they all complain Sports newspaper

Complaints about refereeing errors have become increasingly frequent from all competitors facing Al-Nasr in the Roshen League, in a way that raises more than one question mark and requires clear treatment. Why is there such dissatisfaction with Al-Nasr and not other clubs, and how valid is such criticism?
Damak coach Cosmin Contra said after the end of his team’s confrontation with Al-Nassr: “I do not understand how a team like Al-Nassr has an overwhelming attack that has Talisca, Ronaldo and Mane and does not take any shots?” Adding: “We missed opportunities that would have given us superiority, and we took possession in some periods, but we were not successful in getting the three points. Al-Nasr is a big team and does not need the referee to give them fouls in order for them to shoot at our goal.” Al-Ettifaq coach followed the same path, even though his statement carried serious hints. Gerrard said in the press conference after the match: “The referee mentioned to one of my personal assistants that the expulsion of Al-Ettifaq star Ali Hazazi was a reaction to the demands of Al-Nasr players.” Gerrard continues to be extremely dissatisfied with the refereeing against Al-Nasr, and he confirms that his team did not lose because of the strength of the opponent, but rather as a result of the match referee’s decisions! The matter did not stop with Damak and Al-Ettifaq, as the Al-Khaleej coach joined in talking about the same suffering, and Pedro Emmanuel said in the press conference after the match: “We played a good match, and some of the referee’s decisions made the players nervous. We tried to return to the match by attacking and we got some chances.” Personally, I do not expect that the teams’ suffering from refereeing errors will end after the triple criticism, and perhaps they are likely to multiply with the rest of the teams, in light of the inability to bring in distinguished foreign referees, and the disappearance of European referees, who are more capable of controlling many matters and standing up to the transgressions that occur. Some of Al-Nasr’s stars showed it, and the state of unruliness with the referees, which became a prominent characteristic of his star Cristiano, to the point that he demanded to change the referee in one of his team’s matches, an incident that no one in the world had preceded him, and I do not think it will happen to anyone after him. What is strange is that the majority of the media affiliated with Al-Nasr is trying hard to pretend that reality is the opposite, and continues to claim injustice, thinking that it will succeed in diverting attention from these disastrous arbitration errors and diverting it to another path.

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