With a stopped ball heading to Primera: Riestra and two consecutive blows to Brown

Two corners, two goals. Two crosses from the left side, two goals. Two dead ball plays and the same destiny. Two dangerous situations for Deportivo Riestra achieve a decisive victory. Two situations with just seven minutes of difference for Admiral Brown seriously complicate his chances of staying alive in the Reduced First National.

Bajo Flores was the scene of the first leg of the semifinal in search of reaching the definition of the second promotion to the Professional League, in which they faced two of the toughest teams in the category, which know how to bite, clench their teeth and close spaces well. However, Malevo knew how to find the ideal formula to break the parity and tilt the series in his favor to continue cultivating his dream of playing for the first time in the Argentine soccer elite.

After a very even first half and with few chances to unbalance the score, the local team had a furious start in the final part, in which they showed the best version of the last games and something that could give them the key to get into the grand final, although the rest of the work must be done in Isidro Canavona. The hunger for glory and the drive made him run into two corners that he took advantage of perfectly.


Riestra's celebration before the Admiral.  TelamRiestra’s celebration before the Admiral. Telam

In the preview, Riestra had a shot from Cachete Acuña, a free kick from Jonathan Goitía (the hero against Quilmes) and a crossbar from Nahuel Iribarren, in a handful of minutes. Then came Nicolás Dematei’s strike to find Eric Tovo (he complied with the former’s law) in the heights, beat Agustín Dáttola and make it 1-0. As if that were not enough, the Vikingo rubbed the lamp again, Tortura Fernández – faster than everyone – fought and pushed the ball to stretch the difference and unleash madness in the Guillermo Laza.

Admiral? He did not have ideas, he did not react, he almost did not reach Ignacio Arce’s area and he had many complications for defense, since the distance on the scoreboard could have been even wider. In this way, he must win by two goals at home to take advantage of the sporting advantage and remain alive in the PN definition.

The summary of Riestra 2-A. Brown 0

Ascension 20-11-2023

The best of Riestra 2 – Alm. Brown 0

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