Will «fixed» sports media

• Sometimes, in order to comprehend the present with all its contents, you need to go back to the past and then do what you did.. Take a deep breath and compare the two pictures, and talk here about everything in my country.

• Certainly, you will find before you a different present, in which the will imposes the decision and defeats all impossibilities. There is no harm in saying with pride that the hero of all this transformation is Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has raised us to where we should be.

Here, the intellectual friend Abdullah Thabet presents the reality in a different language and advises every sports journalist to read at least one book of football literature to be part of a different present. She will not come alone, but will come with the lavish commentary, and the charming language drools around her, on tongues, newspapers and stations! And if I were managing a station or a sports newspaper, I would oblige all its crews to read at least one book of football literature, and take the impressive results that would spread to the audience and restore their way of thinking, eating and language! And if this happens, you will read in the newspapers headlines, articles, and dialogues, of this rhetorical nature, and you will hear on satellite channels, along with those who charge the audience, and stir up a fuse here and there, you will hear conversations and descriptions dripping from them wisdom, visions of life, and the height of the word! A beautiful, final phrase; Zlatan, with his arrogant jokes, said while answering his age, when they asked him.. Have you grown up? “The older I get, the better I get,” he said. This pure poetic expression did not come from the stadium only, but from a mutually reinforcing world called weaving! So, here, the “Roushen” league began, with massive openings, a few days ago, the stands are full, the stadiums are crowded with the stars of the game, and the world from its outskirts is chasing the broadcast, and transmitting with it the image, another image, which is the most important and the largest, about the country and its people, and what is transformed in it, Perhaps soon he will start broadcasting the words! A passing note: For those who did not – and will not – like anything, what is happening here, and again not in football, only: Do you follow in secret? Well, you in particular, and before anyone else.. Enjoy! This is not a plot, but preemption and preparation, as many of you – definitely – will change their minds and words in the future. This is something that success usually does. Turns opponents into fans… and that’s even better!

• Finally, Oliver Wendell Holmes says, “Man – every human being without exception – is three persons in one image, man as God created him, man as people see him, and man as he sees himself.”

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