Why is November 8 celebrated and where is it a holiday?

All the November 8th It is celebrated in Argentina on Municipal Employee Day. This day is dedicated to recognizing all local public management workers. And there are some jurisdictions that will not serve during the day.

The date commemorates the creation of the Confederation of Municipal Workers and Employees of the Argentine Republic (Coema), on the same day in 1959, during the presidency of Arturo Frondizi. This union organization brings together all the Federations of Municipal Workers of the Argentine Provinces, and is still in force.

The idea was promoted by the Avellaneda union leader Geronimo Izettawith the support of the 62 Organizationsa union group that followed the Peronist line at that time.

With the creation of Coema, it was possible to unify all unions, unions and federations at the national level to defend the rights of municipal employees.

Municipal Employee Day: where it is a holiday

Although not all municipalities will have a holiday, some localities they will move the non-working day to another date so that employees have a long weekend, and others will maintain it during the day and will not serve the public. These are:

  • Vera, in Santa Fe, maintains it on the 8th.
  • Cipolletti, in Río Negro, maintains it on the 8th.
  • San Salvador de Jujuy moves it to November 10.
  • Rawson, in Chubut, moves it to 10.
  • Chajarí, in Entre Ríos, maintains it on the 8th.
  • Olavarría, in Buenos Aires, moves it to November 13.
  • Diamante, in Entre Ríos, moves it to 10.
  • Rauch, in Buenos Aires, moves it to 13.

Other localities, such as Mar Chiquita, Ituzaingó and Gualeguaychú (Buenos Aires), They had already advanced the day holiday for Monday, November 6. The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires I had also brought it forward, but for Friday, November 3.

Municipal Employee Day: how it went on Google Trends

In Google Trendsthe term “Municipal Employee Day” rose rapidly in the top search positions. She had already started to rise during the night of November 7, but reached a peak around 6.30 this Wednesday morning.

This is how trends went this day.This is how trends went this day.

There were areas where a greater flow of searches was detected. Catamarca, Santa Cruz y Jujuy They took the first places. Furthermore, there was a point increase in other related searches. The main ones were “images of the municipal employee’s day” and “phrases of the municipal employee’s day.”

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