Why did France sink.. and Germany survived?

All the major skirmishes taking place in the West are nothing but the result of the deep gap between the Western and Eastern cultures together, but now there is no room for further waiting in light of the ability of small groups to influence the structures of the state.

The protests that rocked France during the past days have shown that what is happening is not a reaction to the mistakes of the police that killed the young man, Nael Al-Marzouki, and that everything that is happening in France in terms of reaction to the government’s behavior is an exaggeration that has reached the point of incitement to murder. It is a dangerous development on French soil.

What is all this revenge for?

Away from Nael’s story and its details, which have become known to everyone, is it worth all this revenge against France!?. Why do they hate France!? Those who mess with the center of the capital (Paris) and most of them have French citizenship!? What did France do with this immigrant generation to make all this hatred collapse? We and France, too, really need answers to understand what is going on!

A few days ago, a terrible incident occurred in Germany between immigrants from the Syrian clans in Germany and other Kurdish clans, which turned into mutual riots against the facilities of both parties only. It is true that some German government facilities were damaged, but that was not the goal. Within days, the German police were able to control On this fight, it ended after a few days without injuring any of the police officers.

In Germany, it passed unnoticed, but France had a bitter taste during the past week. It paid the bill for hundreds of years retroactively, but Germany escaped this mess. Because it was not a colonial country, and its colonial history is zero in the Arab world and Africa. Yes, this is the truth. Some take revenge on history only.. but history is gone.

What is interesting about France’s protests is the scale of the attack on it and its consideration of it as the first racist country in the world. Some even talk about an inhumane French methodology towards immigrants. Those who fill France everywhere, the anger has exploded and the accumulation has collapsed, which is not an easy moment at all in the socio-political influence in France.

But the umbilical cord in France’s crisis is the meeting of all movements and currents to stand against the government and the approach of the French state, far from the credibility of any party, but the focused attacks on the media and social level inside France were remarkable, as hundreds turned out; Men and women, during the past days, insulting and standing against the French government, knowing that they hold citizenship and residency in France, and if it is, in fact, not the appropriate place for these currents, then why do you reside there!?

The danger of mixing papers

France has a great colonial history in the world, especially in the Middle East and Africa. Today, after this colonial empire has improved its laws, these laws have turned into an attempt to hold the state accountable at the hands of the country’s own people, but the immigrants are among them, and here lies the danger to France from mixing all the cards. And entering the religious line, especially the variegated currents that appear in darkness and crises.

Certainly France needs a fundamental and radical change in the mentality of dealing with immigrants, and is not satisfied with the reputation of “Paris perfumes”, which quickly evaporated; Because of the waves of racism and government marginalization often, France, as a large and European country that has relations with all the countries of the Islamic and Western world, needs a review of another kind, so that the fortress of western-eastern communication is not in danger, then everyone will be in danger, and those with religious currents will have an arena wide they can play with, spreading waves of hatred and racism.

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