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In exchange for the closure of his process in Spain for tax fraud, Shakira pleads guilty. Now he must face a million-dollar fine. Behind the Colombian singer’s controversial decision there is an important reason, which the artist herself explained in an official statement.

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, 46, arrived a little earlier than agreed at the court in Barcelona. Accompanied by her team of lawyers, the artist wore an elegant light pink suit, showing the perfect version of a working girl feminine and modern. When questioned about the charges, she responded “yes.”

According to the Spanish prosecutor’s office, the Colombian singer lived in the Iberian Peninsula in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014, despite having resided in the country for more than the 183 days stipulated by law, she had not made the corresponding contributions. For that lack, The singer could face a sentence of eight years and two months in prison and a fine of 23.8 million euros.

For its part, The singer defended herself by saying that she had incurred no fault since, despite having started a relationship with the footballer in 2011 Gerard Piquéshe led a nomadic life for her international career, and His tax residence was in the Bahamas until the beginning of 2015..

Why did Shakira plead guilty?

The singer made the decision to plead guilty to avoid a long and high-profile trial. that would have aired his personal and professional life. In a statement sent by her representatives, Shakira explained: “I had two options: continue fighting until the end, mortgaging my peace of mind and that of my children, stop making songs, albums and tours, without being able to enjoy my career and the things I like, or make an agreement, close and leave this behind chapter of my life looking forward”, as published AFP.

As a good businesswoman, The Colombian knows that it is better to reach a bad economic agreement She has to undertake a good lawsuit, in which she loses the credibility of her public, who has always supported her and for which she has managed to rise up on repeated occasions and in the face of multiple adversities.

Taking into account that the trial had 12 sessions planned, which would begin on November 20 and end until December 14, and for which it would be considered calling about 120 witnesses, Shakira made the decision that would cost her the least for her career and peace of mind.

How much will Shakira have to pay?

In the agreement reached with the prosecution, Shakira agrees to pay a fine of 7.3 million euros, corresponding to 50% of the total fraud. In addition, the singer must serve a three-year prison sentence, which will be suspended for payment of an additional 432 thousand euros. In total, Shakira agreed will pay a fine of 7.8 million euros. A millionaire sum.

What consequences will the agreement have for Shakira?

The agreement reached by Shakira with the prosecution allows her to avoid jail and continue with his artistic career, which we know pays him much more. You just have to give a brief account of the successes she has achieved so far this year: has an official daywas his career recognized at the MTV Video Music Awards and, recently,swept the Latin Grammy Awards.

However, The singer will have to pay a significant fine, which is added to the 17.2 million euros that she had already paid to the Spanish treasury. to regularize your situation.

Through a story on her social networks, the singer simply says: “A wolf like me always chooses the family.”. Definitely, Shakira you are great and, because of your children, you are even greater.

Are there other celebrities who have had problems with the Spanish treasury?

Shakira is not the first international artist to have had problems with the Spanish treasury, the list of celebrities who have had to answer to the Spanish Treasury includes the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, the singer Ana Torroja, the actor Javier Bardem, among a long list.

Without a doubt, Shakira pleading guilty to tax fraud will cost her dearly, but she will avoid a controversial and long trial, which could affect her good professional streak and put her children in the middle of a media circus.

With information from AFP

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