Who will it be? From Boca they talked about the next coach

Boca They lost the final of the Copa Libertadores de América and were left without a coach after the resignation of Jorge Almirón. In this context, Mariano Herrón took office until the end of the year, as confirmed by Juan Román Riquelme in a press conference.

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After the 1-1 draw against San Lorenzo, the Bermudez Pattern He spoke this Thursday on D Sports Radio. “The ideal coach is the technician who is qualified to lead Boca,” he said. And he added: “If he is a former player or has to be a Boca player, that is the last parameter. The important thing is if he has the character to take on and lead Boca.”

On the other hand, Bermúdez referred to the final of the Copa Libertadores. “Soccer-wise we lacked a little more. I think all the boys and the coaching staff made a great effort to achieve it,” he said. “When the time comes for the final, we have to make one more effort and we fail,” he concluded.

Regarding the situation of Frank Fabra, who was sent off at the Maracaná Stadium, he said: “I am the one who can least point out Frank for the mistake he made. One loses his mind in a second of a game due to circumstances. Frank is an example of our team, an example of a professional and a human being. I cannot single him out for one situation. The club will continue to fulfill the contract of a very excellent player like Fabra.”

Patron Bermúdez told the truth about the future of Colo Barco

Regarding Colo, the Patron assured: “We have no specific offers for him. He is a great soccer player, with a tremendous future.” Furthermore, regarding the fall in Brazil he expressed: “Soccer wise we lacked a little more. I think all the boys and the coaching staff made a great effort to achieve it.”

“Cavani is like the Boca world, hurt and sad”

Jorge Bermúdez also referred to the situation of Edinson Cavani. “He saw, like everyone else, the opportunity to be champion of the Libertadores. He gives his heart and soul. We value the great moment and the fight he has. He is going to get tired of scoring goals for our club,” concluded the Patron.

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