Who is Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend who would be arriving in Argentina

Taylor Swift He arrived in Argentina this Wednesday to present himself with his The Eras Tour at the Monumental stadium. However, in the last few hours a rumor arose that her boyfriend, footballer Travis Kelcewould come to the country to accompany her.

According to Page Six, the American football player is traveling to accompany the superstar. According to the outlet, the Kansas City Chiefs player will travel to see the pop star, but he will make sure to return in time to his obligations in the NFL.

He has to be back on Sunday for training on Monday”explained the source. The Chiefs are not scheduled to play again until Nov. 20, when Kelce and his teammates will face his brother Jason Kelce’s team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Some indications seem to have fueled the rumors among the couple’s fans. “My skin is getting very pale. I have to go somewhere sunny”, commented the player on his podcast, New Heights. “Somewhere south… Closer to the equator“, He launched.

How the brand new romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce began

The romance between Taylor Swift y Travis Kelce It was the big news of the last month and a half in the United States and now the novel moves to our country.

It was mid-September when Travis broke the story publicly. “I’ve seen you shine on the Arrowhead stage, maybe you have to come see me succeed in the stadium and we can see which of us does it better,” I challenge her on a TV show.

Rumors indicate that there was already contact between them, but the truth is that Taylor did not hesitate to take the lead. Days later he was in a box at the Kansas City Chiefs stadium, next to the player’s mother and euphorically shouting a touchdown from her new boyfriend. Then they both left the building together.the final proof of the incipient courtship that had been talked about so much in the USA and that exploded at the end of that month.

Who is Travis Kelce?

Travis was born in Cleveland Heights, a city of 50,000 people located 20 miles north of Cleveland and 150 miles from Columbus, the capital of Ohio.

In secondaryTravis played basketball and baseball, in addition to the sport that brought him fame. But, of course, in American football he didn’t start in the position where he became a star. There he played quarterback: he was a quarterback who passed and ran almost equally, achieving 2,539 yards and 31 touchdowns in his senior year (20 passing and 11 running).

He then attended the University of Cincinnati, but during his college years Nobody thought he would become an NFL star. First because it was difficult for him to change positions, then because he had problems and was suspended, and then because he did not see his conditions leading him to success as a tight end.

Today he is the best tight end and is top 5 in history, along with Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, Shannon Sharpe and Rob Gronkowski. Earns almost 15 million a year, surely below what it deserves. “My agent loves to say how underpaid I am. Whenever we talk about wanting more money he just says to me ‘Why don’t you ask the Chiefs for more?’ Sometimes you see all the money you could win and it shocks you, it makes you think that they are taking advantage of you… But all I know is that I enjoy walking into that building every day and winning with this team.”, responded who is also a character off the field.

Travis participated in a reality show to look for a partner, his podcast with his brother is one of the most listened to and he is famous for being as tough a guy on the field as he is seductive and flirtatious outside of it. His outfits when he arrives at the stadium are a classic in this new era of sports fashion. He can go from a Louis Vuitton coat to a colorful ensemble, with hats, glasses and jewelry.

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