Who is the artist Sherif Shaker who died of leukemia? (photo)

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Saturday, November 11, 2023

Books – Hani Saber:

Singer Sherif Shaker passed away yesterday evening, Friday, after a long struggle with leukemia. He continued to fight it for a long time, but he died suddenly, which sparked a state of sadness in the artistic community.

Sherif Shaker was waiting for recovery from cancer and always said that he would come back stronger than before, but it was God’s will and destiny that he leave our world on Friday, November 10, 2023.

We review information about Sherif Shaker in the following lines:

He began his artistic career singing in opera at a young age.

– It was founded by Maestro Salim Sahab and Maestro Muhammad Abdel Sattar.

– Among his songs are “Omri Ibda,” “Souda Point,” and “Your Life Is Beautiful.”

– He published a book about his illness journey and suffering with cancer, entitled “I Will Come Back Stronger.”

His last singing work was a video clip, “Your Life Is Beautiful.”

He suffered from leukemia in 2018.

He fought cancer for 6 years.

– In July 2023, he suffered a clot in his right leg caused by a malignant tumor, and he returned to the chemotherapy trip.

– His YouTube channel is followed by 431 people, and includes one song, “Your Biography is Beautiful.”

– The last thing he wrote on his social media accounts a week before his death: “As long as the sun of the world rises… its light brings great hope, 30 days of intensive care. Oh God, heal me and every sick person who suffers and grant victory, O Lord, to the people of Palestine. I will come back stronger with God’s generosity and kindness.”

He has a number of friends in the artistic community, including Karim Mohsen, Rami Gamal, and Ali Al-Alfy.

– The eldest brother among his siblings.

He has two brothers, Mohab and Bahi, who live outside Egypt.

– He revealed in a previous television interview that he suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

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