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Samsung has become one of the main players in the Smartphone sector thanks to a catalog of mobile phones that cover all existing ranges. And the truth is that their phones work really well, in addition to hiding some very interesting functions, such as maintenance mode on Samsung phones.

We are talking about a tool that you should activate if your Samsung phone has to undergo technical service. This way, You will protect all the information on the device so that no one can access your private data.

What is Maintenance Mode on Samsung

Maintenance mode is a feature on Samsung phones that allows you todisable all applications and services that are not needed for basic operation of your phone. This can help improve your phone’s performance, extend battery life, and protect your privacy when carrying your phone.

When maintenance mode is activated, All non-essential applications and services will be disabled. This includes apps you haven’t used recently, apps running in the background…

Activating maintenance mode on a Samsung phone You will prevent anyone from seeing your private photos, files, deleting data without your permission… Come on, it is an essential tool if you have to repair your phone.

How to activate maintenance mode on a Samsung

Note that Samsung maintenance mode must be activated manually, so the ideal is that you do it before taking it to the SAT. And seeing how it protects personal data on your device, do not hesitate to follow these steps indicated in the Samsung official website.

  • Open your Samsung settings by clicking on the gear icon
  • Now, look for the Battery and device care option
  • Now, click Maintenance Mode
  • Within Maintenance mode, click on Activate

If you have followed the steps correctly, a new menu will open where you must leave all the important information to the technician regarding the failure of your phone. This way, when they turn on the phone, will be activated with a ‘guest account’, in addition to being able to see the information that you have left regarding the problem that your Samsung phone is suffering from.

In case you already have your phone back, You must open the notification bar and click on Deactivate maintenance mode. You will only need to enter your PIN and access code to be able to use your Samsung smartphone normally.

A very simple and perfect trick if you have to take your Samsung phone for repair, so we recommend using maintenance mode whenever you see it necessary.

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