“We should have scored the third goal”

The last fans, who together made this football evening so special, had now largely left the wide area when Pál Dárdai and his colleague Christian Eichner entered the media room in the belly of the Olympic Stadium around 11:15 p.m. There the two football teachers commented on the previous one Division of points between Hertha BSC and Karlsruher SC. “We wasted the first 25 minutes. Only then did we eat grass and show mentality. After the 2-1 we controlled the ball and the opponent couldn’t find any space. But we should have scored the third or fourth goal,” analyzed Coach Dárdai.

Eichner said: “I saw a game with completely different phases. We started well, then Hertha got better. After falling behind, we had problems finding solutions. But we showed that we are always good for a goal. We’re happy to take that point with us.” The whole press conference has HerthaTV recorded.

The post first appeared on www.herthabsc.com

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