Watch.. The outcast Greenwood at Man United trains for the first time with Getafe

English player Mason Greenwood participated for the first time in the training of his new club, Getafe, after he moved to him a few days ago on loan from Manchester United, which he had to abandon, after facing accusations of attempted sexual assault about two years ago.

The career of Greenwood, 21, was dealt a very severe blow after he was arrested in January 2022 on the basis of the accusations leveled against him.

He was released on bail in February 2022 before being re-imprisoned for violating the legal conditions. He was released again from prison last October, and the charges of attempted rape and assault against him were dropped last February, after the withdrawal of the main witnesses and new evidence that was revealed. .

However, United decided not to rely on him again because of these allegations, justifying his position at the time by saying, “It is more appropriate for him to do so (return to play) away from Old Trafford, and we will work with Mason to achieve this result.”

Getafe took advantage of the situation and asked to borrow Greenwood on the last day of the summer transfer period, where he will defend his colors for one season, with Manchester United paying most of the player’s salary.

Today, Tuesday, Greenwood participated in the first training session with his new team, and is preparing to participate in the first official match since December 2021, while it was decided that he would wear shirt No. 12 with the Spanish team.

Getafe welcomed the English player, and posted, through his account on the “X” platform, a video clip of him entering the stadium with his new colleagues, with the comment, “We love you (Mason Greenwood).

Getafe’s contract with Greenwood did not appeal to Spanish institutions interested in domestic violence issues, but coach Jose Bordalas was quick to defend his club, and said, “Everyone knows what happened and appropriate measures were taken, and everyone knows how it ended, with a penalty for the player and without conviction.”

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