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Kids push in Gaza strip A heavy price in terms of their lives and morale as a result of the war that Israel has been waging on the Gaza Strip for more than a month without any regard to international laws, UN resolutions, or the ethics of war.

Although about half of the war martyrs – who broke the 10,000 barrier – were children, those who have survived killing so far are living in a reality that can never be the reality of those of their age.

Al Jazeera reported the testimonies of young people who survived death, but they live surrounded by bombing, explosions, fires, and the rubble of their homes or the homes of their neighbors, without food, drink, or the slightest sense of security.

One of these children said that he could not sleep during the night and did not know what to do, and that his hands had become painful from shaking so much.

The child – from one of the displacement camps – said that every time he looked out the window of his house, he found that one of the neighbors’ houses had been bombed, and he described how he now lives without water, electricity, or anything.

Another child, shedding tears, said that she dreams of returning to her home because her family members have no one else, and that everything in it represents a memory. While a second woman said that she was afraid like the rest of the people, and a third woman said that she missed her school, toys, and books.

The dreams of the children all seem to be the same and very simple and represent their most basic rights stipulated in international laws, but they are no longer possible in light of the tragedy that the Strip is experiencing.

Another child innocently expressed his hope of returning to his home, his friends, his toys, his studies, and even his teacher, who dreams of kissing him again, instead of living among sand and thorns, adding that he does not like war because all his friends died in it.

Unlike the previous ones, a child says that she misses the laughter of her mother, who no longer does anything except cry, stressing that she can no longer stand the war that comes to them year after year.

Many people spoke from among the rubble about their dream of returning to their homes, beds, and studies, all of which Israel turned into rubble.

Children represent 47% of the Gaza Strip’s population of 2.2 million people, and 2,324 of them were martyred during the first month of the war.

So far, there are 1,300 children missing under the rubble, in addition to many who survived death but are injured and need treatment.

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