Watch .. Tarif’s response from Guardiola to a traffic policeman who issued a ticket against him

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola dealt in a funny way with a police officer after imposing a fine on him for a traffic violation.

And a video clip spread on the social networking site “X” (formerly Twitter) documented a dialogue between Guardiola and a traffic police officer on a street in Manchester.

According to the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, the traffic policeman who appeared in the video clip fined Guardiola for parking his car illegally, and at the same time the policeman asked the Spanish coach to take a picture for memory.

Here, Guardiola dealt with the situation with a “joyful spirit,” according to the newspaper’s description. He responded to the policeman by saying, “Do you want to take a picture? Then you have to pay for it,” as laughter can be heard in the video.

This situation comes days after another funny situation, whose hero was Guardiola, but the first time he was with a Manchester City fan during the team’s match against Newcastle United that took place at the Etihad Stadium last Saturday in the second round of the English Premier League.

In that match, which ended with a hard-fought 1-0 victory for City, Guardiola was spotted talking to a fan who was sitting in the stands asking him to make substitutions 10 minutes before the end. Heavenly, an answer that made the fan laugh.

On the other hand, Guardiola underwent back surgery today, as a result of which he will be absent from the team until the next international break, provided that his assistant Juanma Leo takes over the leadership of Manchester City, according to what the club confirmed in an official statement.

Manchester City said on its official website, “The coach was recently suffering from severe back pain and traveled to Barcelona to undergo emergency surgery, and the surgery was successful. Pep will spend the recovery and rehabilitation period in Barcelona and is expected to return after the next international break. Everyone at Manchester City wishes Pep a speedy recovery and is looking forward to seeing him soon.”

Accordingly, Guardiola will miss Manchester City in the next two matches in the “Premier League” against Sheffield United and Fulham in the third and fourth rounds, respectively.

It is reported that the 52-year-old Guardiola took over Manchester City training in the summer of 2016 after two previous training experiences with Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

Since his arrival at Manchester City, the “philosopher” has won many titles, most notably the English Premier League 5 times and the European Champions League once.

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