Watch – score in the style of Maradona and celebrate in the style of Messi .. an amazing goal by the former Barcelona player in America

Spain’s Ricky Puig, the American Los Angeles Galaxy player, scored a remarkable goal that caught the eye in the US Open Soccer Championship.

The Los Angeles Galaxy qualified for the quarter-finals of the competition, after defeating its counterpart, “Los Angeles”, with two unanswered goals.

Puig secured his team’s victory by scoring the second goal 7 minutes after the break in a wonderful way, as the Spanish newspaper “MARCA” described the goal as “Maradoni”.

Puig, 23, received the ball from the middle of the field and got rid of 3 players in an amazing technical way, before putting it with a charming touch that went past the goalkeeper and a fourth defender to continue its way into the net.

And the former Barcelona player celebrated – in the manner of Argentine Lionel Messi – by taking off his shirt and raising it in the face of the opposing team’s fans, who responded by throwing some tools.

This goal is Puig’s fifth since joining the Los Angeles Galaxy on August 4, 2022, from Barca.

The Spanish newspaper repeated Puig’s statements that he made after his departure from Barcelona, ​​​​after the club decided not to take him on the summer tour to the United States in order to put pressure on him.

He said, “It was not me who decided not to travel, because I did not want to leave the players. Perhaps I understand the club’s situation and that they want to pressure me to leave, but they could have done it in another way.”

And he revealed that he felt “disappointed and more than the way I left after I was there for 7 years. Seeing my colleagues playing while I was watching them did not hurt me. Sometimes you have to make decisions. They made the decision and I did not agree with them, and it happened.”

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