Watch… Millions of cockroaches invade a small town in Nevada, USA

Millions of Mormon cockroaches invaded a small town in the US state of Nevada, and these insects covered the town’s homes and roads, making it difficult to reach hospitals.

This phenomenon, which experts have confirmed to be normal, has been going on for days and is of concern to the residents of Elko, who number about 20,000.

“We really feel like we’re being invaded by bugs,” Colette Reynolds told CBS. “When we’re inside the house it’s like it’s raining.”

Another, Stephanie Garrett, said: “Bugs are crawling on the roads and it gives goosebumps. It’s so disgusting.”

The spread of these insects on the roads made it difficult for residents to reach hospitals.

“In order to get patients to the hospital, we had to send people around patients’ homes with brooms,” Steve Burroughs of Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital told local KSLTV.

For his part, Jeff Knight, an entomologist at the Nevada Department of Agriculture, explained that these swarms of insects were not exceptional in the region, but they became clearer as residents occupied wild areas.

To the dismay of Elko residents, there are limited options for getting rid of vermin.

“Insecticides can be used, and one option is to turn a blind eye, and they will end up gone from the area,” Knight said.

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