Watch.. Messi talks about his previous relationship with Saint-Germain fans

Argentine star Lionel Messi returned to talking about the relationship between him and the Paris Saint-Germain fans, revealing that there was a break with part of the fans, according to a special interview with beIN SPORTS, which will be broadcast tomorrow, Saturday.

On the first of next July, the adventure between its sweet and bitter between “Bulga” and Saint-Germain officially ends, after two seasons in which Messi won 3 titles with the Parisian team (two titles in the French League and the local Super title).

And the world champion with his country’s national team – who arrived in the French capital in the summer of 2021 from Barcelona and was received by the masses as a superhero – says that “at first it was great and I had great support as I always said, then people’s treatment of me began to change, but these were a minority.” From the Paris fans, on the other hand, the majority treated me well, as it happened to me from the beginning (coming to Paris).

In Messi’s last match with Saint-Germain, on the third of June, whistles were booed against him in the “Princes’ Park” stadium, and that was not the first time, but it was repeated in previous times during the season, especially after the team’s exit from the Champions League final price.

Messi explained, “There was a disagreement with a large part of the Saint-Germain fans. Of course, this was not my intention, but these things have already happened with Mbappe and Neymar as well. It is their way of doing it. I keep the memory of all these people who supported me as they did in the beginning.”

Messi is close to moving to the American club Inter Miami, and it is expected that the “flea” will participate in his first match with the American team shirt on July 21, when “Inter Miami” hosts the Mexican “Cruz Azul” team in the opening match of the North American League Cup, It is a tournament organized by the US Football Federation in cooperation with the Mexican Football Federation.

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