Watch.. A Spanish journalist asked a question to Real Madrid coach Ancelotti, and she was bombarded with threats and insults


Spanish journalist Maria Moran revealed the threats and insults she received on social media after she asked a question to Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid.

During a press conference, Moran asked coach Ancelotti: “Do you think that Vinicius should receive a red card in order to learn a lesson and stop his constant protests against the referees?”

The “Royal” coach responded by saying, “He does not need the red color (red card) with all the yellow (yellow cards) that he has, and that is enough.”

It seems that Moran’s question angered some of the pioneers of the communication sites, who attacked the Spanish journalist in an abusive and unacceptable manner, and she was subjected to abuse against her and her daughter.

Moran shared a number of offensive comments about her and her daughter, and attached them to a comment, “These are some of the comments that rained down on me because of doing my job as a journalist. My daughter is 18 months old,” she told the police about the threats she had received.

Moran enjoyed great support from her colleagues and local human rights associations, and they condemned the comments, describing them as “disgusting and cowardly”.

Maria Moran claims that her daughter Cayetana is the child of Dutchman Gasper Cillessen, former Valencia and Barcelona goalkeeper, and the journalist is engaged in a legal battle with the player because of his refusal to acknowledge that she is his child or pay her expenses.

The journalist’s lawyer explained that “Cillessen abandoned the child in the hospital because he did not want to pay the 1,200 euros for her hospital treatment. This should have been done by Maria’s grandfather, who is nearly 90 years old, who never had a credit card and used his savings to help his granddaughter.

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