Washington is loyal to its interests

What distinguishes the United States of America is that its foreign policies are linked to its interests, far from any ideologies, human relations, values, or morals. And that all the four schools of American politics: the Hamiltonian, the Wilsonian, the Jacksonian, and the Jeffersonian, focus on the interest of America first and foremost, and are based on international relations that are in its interest and are based on the use of excessive force and the fight against immigration and international restrictions, and it seeks in its international relations what benefits America, and the school summarizes Hamiltonism is this concept that is based on expediency, and that trade is the main engine of American policy that America maintains through a strong fleet that is in the service of its international companies, and when threatened, America builds an international alliance that brings down rogue states that threaten the interests of American companies.

In fact, interest and benefit are the drivers of American policies that are based on the idea of ​​American savage capitalism, which has been increased by the scourge of neo-liberalism, which America seeks to spread outside America, whether by using aid or economic sanctions, and through its media machine, and military intervention or technological superiority and economic blockade, based on strength Monetary and financial organizations affiliated to it (especially the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank) and American and European control over the tools of monetary circulation, or what some call the monetary imperialism of the dollar, as well as through control of money markets, bonds and debts, and the monopoly of high-tech peaks. , at the hands of its affiliated transnational giant companies, in various advanced technological sectors, which leads to America not becoming the global engine, whether economically or militarily.

Washington’s position on the Niger coup clearly shows the interest that Washington is moving and seeking to achieve without taking into account the interest of its ally France, which made France comment after America appointed its ambassador to Niger: “We do not need enemies and we have allies like these.” Undoubtedly, France has not forgotten the issue of the submarine deal that Washington and Britain spoiled for France, and France considered it a stab in the back. Washington’s policies in the Arab region and its position with Israel at the expense of the interests of its allies in the Middle East show the extent of Washington’s commitment to its interests at the expense of its friends and allies.

Knowing the foundations of American politics helps in drawing up policies and relations with Washington. This region is not looking for new enmities or clashes and racist attitudes. That is why the policies of our Arab region must be based on rational and objective grounds and a deep understanding of the political schools adopted by every influential country in the world. Knowing that Washington does not abide by any agreements, but rather maintains interests.

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