Vox will file a complaint against Pedro Sánchez and the Congress and Senate tables if the amnesty is processed

Vox will present a complaint to the Supreme Court against the acting president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, for the commission of an alleged crime of bribery to promote the amnesty law, and for prevarication of the members of the Congress and Senate tables, if they admit the law to processing because they consider it “flagrantly unconstitutional.” This was announced this Monday by the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, in a press conference where he announced that this Monday they will send a prior requirement to the Presidencies of the Congress and the Senate warning them of “the illegality of admitting for processing an unconstitutional bill.”

The far-right formation will also ask to request a report to the senior lawyer of the Senate, where the PP has the absolute majority, and, if the legal services conclude that this text is unconstitutional, they will demand that it not be processed.

Anti-amnesty movement

The announcement of this complaint is one more action that is part of the strategy of the extreme right-wing formation to stop the Pedro Sánchez’s agreements with the pro-independence parties to renew the presidency of the Government. Abascal recalled that the amnesty law “it was already declared unconstitutional and inadmissible for processing in the previous Board of the Congress of Deputies, with the prior report of who was then the lawyer”.

Vox no longer has the 50 deputies necessary to present an appeal of unconstitutionality against the future normal, therefore, its 33 deputies will individually present appeals for protection before the Constitutional Court asking precautionary measures so that plenary sessions are not held with the amnesty law on the agenda. “We are in a coup d’état, in a blow to the Constitution,” stated Abascal, who has also warned that “achieving power by committing unconstitutional acts is a total rupture of coexistence and social peace in Spain.”

Avoid provocations

Santiago Abascal has demanded that citizens demonstrate against amnesty throughout the Spanish state “no fall prey to the provocations of professional troublemakers” that the Government and the PSOE undoubtedly send to these concentrations, although they have not gone into details.

Vox, which has called for “permanent” mobilization against the Sánchez government’s plans, supports them, including the demonstrations that are taking place. organizing in front of the PSOE headquarters. The leader of Vox has once again encouraged people to go to these demonstrations, ensuring that both his party and himself They will go to as many as possible. He specifically mentioned the one this Sunday in Barcelona, ​​convened by Catalunya Suma, and the one on November 18 in Madrid. “All the mobilizations seem good to me, there is a need for growing and constant mobilization and I will attend as many as I can,” she said.

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