Vitoria: Rabia’s joining is a message that the door to the Egyptian national team is open… and he is happy with Marmoush’s level

Roy Vitoria, the coach of the Egyptian national team, revealed that summoning Al-Ahly defender Rami Rabia to the national team is a message to everyone that the national team’s door is open to everyone, provided that technical competence is required.

He continued in the press conference currently held at the Football Association that he is happy with Omar Marmoush’s level with his German club, despite his young age and not getting enough rest before joining the national team, but he is always keen to be present and contribute to the national team.

Commenting on the inclusion of Ahmed Fattouh and Mohamed Sobhi, despite Zamalek’s suspension of them, Vitoria said, “The final decision in the first and last is up to me… I listen to everyone and in the end I make my decision based on my point of view… My final decision is to call up Fattouh and Sobhi, and no one knew what I would take.” What decision regarding the duo?

He continued in the press conference at the Football Association: “For both players, what has officially reached me is that the two were suspended last Sunday, and the club’s final decision regarding the players’ position will be taken during the coming period, and I hope that they will not be suspended.”

He added: “Summoning Fattouh and Sobhi is a technical decision. I admire them because they are national team players, and during the past camps the players did not cause any problems in the camp. I do not follow any words said in the media. I follow the actual and official news. The club did not make the decision.” The final decision regarding the players, when the club takes the official decision to suspend them, we will see what our decision will be.”

He added: “I will tell you what my opinion is based on. Imagine if on December 26 any club decided to suspend any of the national team’s players. Do you expect that I will exclude this player on January 1 when I present the final national team list for the nations of Africa?”

He continued: “Another example… Imagine if in the next camp there was a dispute between the player and the national team’s coach in the camp. If he was excluded from the camp, his club would exclude the player.”

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