Video: two elbows, two red cards and goal from Racing in the same play vs. Lanus

It was rarely seen what happened in the end of the first half between Lanús and Racing in the Fortress. With a difference of a few minutes and within the framework of the same play, Granate was left with two less players due to two consecutive red elbowswhich were warned to the referee Fernando Rapallini from the VAR. On top of that, everything ended with the Academy 2-0. Incredible!

When injury time was already played, Canale went to cover a long ball that he was looking for. Roger Martinez and, despite the fact that the action was already controlled by goalkeeper Acosta, inexplicably, the defender of Lanus He hit the Colombian in the face. The VAR intervened and Rapallini was awarded a penalty and expulsion.

However, the story did not end there. When Piovi was preparing to kick the maximum penalty, Cristian Lema He elbowed Roger Martínez again and the VAR was called again. Second expulsion in a row for Lanús, who must have regretted Racing’s 2-0 lead and went out to play the second half with two men less. If you don’t believe…

Two expelled in Lanús and goal from Racing

Racing 11-11-2023

Two sent off, penalty and goal from Piovi for Racing’s 2-0

Baltasar had made it 1-0 for Racing

Racing 11-11-2023

Right hand from Rodríguez for Racing’s 1-0

Match statistics

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