Video: the scandalous penalty that Ferro was not given in the PN

Once again the controversy took center stage in a hot First National match. The first minutes of the second half were running between Admiral Brown y Ferroin the second leg of the Reduced quarterfinals, when Oeste was not given a penalty and was deprived of a clear chance to take the lead. In the end it was a 0-0 draw and the Frigate advanced to the semi-finals due to the sporting advantage (the first leg had been 1-1).

The play was born in a cross into the area by Hernán Grana who was looking for Alexander Díaz. Ulises Abreliano arrived earlier to intercept but He miscalculated the shot and the ball hit his arm, stretching it out and expanding its volume. Incredibly, not even the referee Jorge Baliño Not even the lineman noticed the situation: the action continued and ended with a foul in the middle of the field. The Green men emphatically demanded the penalty, but there was no charge.

Baliño, it is worth remembering, came from being in the VAR in the tie between San Lorenzo and Boca last Wednesday, where he was also the protagonist in a great controversy: a goal disallowed for Barrios on the hour due to a millimeter offside by Girotti.

Penalty not charged to Ferro

Ferro 11-11-2023

The penalty that Ferro was not given

Second leg of the quarterfinals in the PN Reduced (@Club_AlteBrown).Second leg of the quarterfinals in the PN Reduced (@Club_AlteBrown).

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