Video – Nicolas Moawad talks about the audacity of his actions and the story of his love for this star

Star Nicolas Moawad spoke about his personal and artistic life, and expressed his opinion about a number of Lebanese stars and artists during his hosting of the “Book of Fame” program.

The young star confirmed that he is “the first Lebanese actor in Egypt,” through her successful participation in many artistic works and series.

The star also spoke about the criticism that accompanied his scene in the international film “Three Thousand Years of Longing,” in which he appeared naked, stressing that “I did not present a pornographic scene, but rather the scene was beautifully filmed and serves the story. It is a very beautiful artistic scene and I am happy and proud of it.”

He added: “I was happy to participate in this work. I filmed it in Sydney during the Corona period because there was no filming in Los Angeles at the time due to precautionary measures, and I was happy to show the film at the Cannes Festival. It is an unnatural feeling when you hear your name said out loud on the screen.” The red carpet of the festival with the names of big stars.

Regarding his personal life and the incident of his exposure to harassment in his childhood, he said: “Perhaps this experience made me rebel and have many relationships with women, but I did not think about it in this way, but it may be a reaction to what I was exposed to in my childhood.”

He also talked about his love story with the artist Rita Hayek, after their participation in the series Together, stressing, “The love story began after the end of filming, as if we felt that we could not survive without each other,” pointing out that “we loved each other deeply, but stubbornness and the presence of many childish problems continued with us.” “All the time we were together, but then this relationship turned into a great friendship.”

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