Vecino does not regret his celebration of Liverpool’s goal against Peñarol

Thiago Vecinofront of Liverpool that scored the winning goal against Penarolsaid that he does not regret the goal celebration in the Champion of the Century, and expressed that: “We should not be afraid to say that we are going for the Uruguayan.”

For me it was a decisive matchIt wasn’t that the year was ending because there were many points left to play for, but it was a very important blow to the table. He scores a lot, he generates a strong impact, that is undeniable. But there are still points to be disputed with difficult rivals,” Vecino began by saying in the program. Minute 1 of Sports Carve.

The striker expressed that Liverpool missed several opportunities to end the game to avoid suffering until the final minute: “In the second half we took advantage of the counterattacks, having the lines together and attacking quickly, but we didn’t finish well. I had one where I didn’t make a good decision. In the first half we needed to have more dynamics. But from a tactical point of view we played a great game, closing the paths and cutting the passing line, especially to Cabecita (Sebastián Rodríguez), and there we began to win the tactical battle.”

Regarding his goal, the attacker commented: “The goal is causality and not coincidence because it is something that we train a lot with Miguel (Samudio) who demonstrates in every game the capacity and hierarchy he has to solve.”

Later, Vecino made reference to the goal celebration, where he put his finger to his mouth in a clear sign of requesting silence: “It is not a justification, but celebration is something that comes out of you. At no time do I make a gesture outwards, and look, they constantly insult me.. It’s a reaction, our heart rate is very high. I don’t justify myself, but I don’t regret it either because it wasn’t anything fatal, nothing serious, because it’s the same as when rivals or fans try to get you out of control. It is something that I do not consider to be serious. Andrés (referee Matonte) told me ‘I have to get your card’ and I told him: ‘well Andrés, do whatever you want, it came from inside me, I apologize if I complicated you, but it’s okay.’”

Vecino told his version of the controversial goal that was disallowed against Liverpool: “I don’t know what happened with the disallowed goal. I was just on the bench and it’s like the fourth (referee) pushes him (Meli) to give him an order and Andrés (Matonte, the judge) gestures for him to come in. At the same time the room tells him to get out. “I don’t know what they talked about between them, but it was kind of confusing and it should have been a goal.”

The black and blue striker also spoke about the possibility of winning the championship: “When I arrived I saw enormous conviction. Last year we fell short and this year we are going for the title again. Don’t be afraid to say that the team is going for the Uruguayan. He shows it on all the fields where he plays. “You don’t have to go crazy, you have to go game by game.”

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