Valeria Mazza told how she copes with her children’s trips: “Seeing the empty room is very hard”

Valeria Mazza told how she copes with her children’s trips (Video: La Peña de Morfi, Telefe)

Without a doubt, Valeria Mazza She has been one of the Argentine models with the greatest international projection. And, from a very young age, she knew what it was like to pack her bags to go to work in countries with different idiosyncrasies, such as Italy, France and Japan, among others. So she knows perfectly well how enriching it can be for a person to have the possibility of pursuing a career abroad. However, As a mother, she cannot prevent sadness from overcoming her. every time one of their children gets on a plane.

Married for twenty-five years with Alejandro Gravierthe top model and businesswoman is the mother of Balthazar (24), Titian (21), Benicio (18) y Taina (fifteen). And, according to what he confessed in dialogue with Diego Leuco in La Peña de Morfi (Telefe), with the elderly, they have already begun to experience the feeling of “empty nest”, since one is living abroad and the others travel often for sports competitions.

“Would you believe that one of your four children told you that he was going to do what you did and try his luck in Europe?” the driver asked after Valeria reviewed the beginnings of her career. “I I already have the oldest living abroad, Balthazar went to Madrid this year. And also, with the topic of sports, which is something that all of them did from a very young age, They all started competing internationally so they have traveled quite a bit.“, the model began by saying.

And he continued: “At first they went for two weeks and we traveled. But today, a month and a half or two months go by and I’m starting to despair. It’s hard. I am one of those who go to the room, I give them a good morning kiss, a good night kiss…And seeing the empty room is very hard”.

In fact, currently, in addition to having the eldest residing in Spain, Valeria said that she has the second one traveling. “Tiziano, who is on the Argentine national ski team, left a few days ago because the northern hemisphere season has already started. At the moment he is in Sweden, because they started training and will soon start competing. So he comes back for the holidays.”

Valeria Mazza with her husband and children (RS Photos)
Valeria Mazza with her husband and children (RS Photos)

On the other hand, the model who conquered the world’s catwalks abruptly and almost without trying, told how she lived through that time. “There comes a time when you choose it, because if not, you cannot be making such a great effort. First, it’s this thing about being far from your home and your people, because you miss a lot of situations in which you would like to be or those that you want to share. But I was very happy doing it. I learned. Because in the end it was a decision and It was the direction I chose, knowing that I was leaving other things on the way.”he explained.

And she added: “I’m not one of those who regrets why I didn’t do this or that. It was what I chose and that has consequences. But I assume them, as I also assume the responsibility that I took.” However, Valeria recognized that the fact of working outside of her made her miss out on many familiar aspects of herself. “Life always gives you revenge. I I have learned to have relationships in a different way. In fact, I lived a long-distance courtship with Alejandro for eight years. And I’m already going for a marriage of twenty-five,” she said, implying that other links were possible. And finally, regarding her televised marriage to Gravier that took place on May 9, 1998, she acknowledged that it was quite an “event.”

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