UPN ratifies its rejection of Sánchez

The UPN spokesperson in Congress, Alberto Catalán, ratified this Thursday his rejection of the PSOE candidate for the Presidency of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to which the acting head of the Executive responded by reproaching him for joining the PP after the “transfuguism” of his former colleagues who are now on the ‘popular’ bench.

Specifically, the UPN deputy began his intervention in this Thursday’s session by claiming that he will not support “an investiture process based on the impunity of criminals and the laundering of the political heirs of ETA.”

And he has continued to criticize the amnesty law that the PSOE has presented. “Enough of falsifying reality, we are not talking about improving coexistence, it is not a question of generosity, it is solely and exclusively giving in to the blackmail of independentists and staying in power at any price,” he said.

In this context, the UPN deputy has also reproached Sánchez for Bildu’s favorable vote for his investiture, accusing him of “not having credibility.” “He has gone from saying no to agreeing with Bildu to considering them as priority partners,” he added.

Likewise, he recalled that the president of Navarra, María Chivite, was also inaugurated thanks to the support of Bildu, and he questioned the “secret pacts” with this formation.


And in response to this intervention, Sánchez responded by saying that he finds it “striking” that “those who corrupted two UPN deputies and who today are part of the PP lists” have applauded him.

“Yes, yes, they would corrupt, because transfugismo is corruption,” Sánchez proclaimed in reference to the former UPN deputies, Sergio Sayas and Carlos García-Adanero, who decided to break the voting discipline of their party in the vote on the labor reform and They are now part of the Popular Group.

In any case, Sánchez has also vindicated the actions in Navarra and has reproached Alberto Catalán for talking about the pacts with Bildu in different administrations and not referring to the Pamplona City Council, where the PSN voted for itself and UPN governs as a list most voted.

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