Undav: “Serhou could play with a blindfold”

They are competitors and at the same time colleagues in the Stuttgart storm. Deniz Undav goes into raptures when he talks about the returnee Serhou Guirassy. “He could play with a blindfold on and he would score.”

Competitors in the storm: Serhou Guirassy (left) and Deniz Undav.

Competitors in the storm: Serhou Guirassy (left) and Deniz Undav.
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The goalscorer is back and doing what a goalscorer does. Even after his three-week injury break. Barely returned to the square grabbed Guirassy on Saturday in the 2-1 win against Borussia Dortmund for the decisive penalty. Without hesitation, without a grimace, without self-doubt.

Confidence that would have been good for his colleagues, who had been unsuccessful in their last three attempts from the spot. A negative series that last occurred for the Swabians from January to December 2021. This time we went Deniz Undav, who was denied by TSG keeper Oliver Baumann in the 2-3 win against Hoffenheim; Silas, who shot into the sky at 0-2 in Heidenheim; and Chris Führich, who couldn’t get past Gregor Kobel against Borussia, came away empty-handed.

Guirassy, ​​who recently had to take a break due to a torn muscle fiber in his thigh, played unperturbed. The Frenchman’s 15th goal in his ninth Bundesliga game. A brilliant quota. “Serhou can do everything,” says Undav admiringly of his colleague’s executioner qualities. “He can even play with a blindfold and just shoot: the ball would still go into the goal.”

In the nine games with the Frenchman, Stuttgart achieved eight wins and one defeat, and in the two games without Guirassy there were two defeats. Even if Undav, as a representative of the national player from Guinea, demonstrates similar goalscoring qualities. He has five goals in eight Bundesliga games. The 27-year-old worked part-time five times and came from the bank. Which threatens him again with Guirassy’s return.

“The team has a certain spirit”

The German-Turk himself doesn’t want to think about it. “You have to ask the coach about that,” said Undav. “I try to put my foot down when I play with Serhou. That’s what I hope for.” Like in the final phase against Dortmund. When the loanee from Brighton & Hove Albion moved behind Guirassy to support him with assists from deep along with Enzo Millot.

No trace of food envy. Team unity is not a means to an end but a recipe for success. This is what makes the club successful at the moment. “The team has a certain spirit, a cohesion,” says Fabian Wohlgemuth. The two previous defeats wouldn’t have changed anything. “Atmosphere and that people work together is really important,” explains the sports director. “Atmosphere is an important building block for things to work.” With now eight wins this season, the Stuttgart team has already achieved one more success than in the entire previous season.

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