UFC: Pereira and Aspinall are crowned at #UFC295

EIt’s the closest thing to a blockbuster Hollywood, but here the actors really hit each other. It is clear from the first punch of the first fight, when the blood appears. With the Madison Square Garden Filling up little by little until its capacity is complete with the start of the main fights, I must admit that the experience of watching a live evening is very impressive. For the hardness, for the show and for the feeling with which the fans experience the UFC. Being a direct witness of something like that leaves you – as we would say colloquially – freaking out.

The first knock out took four fights, but it arrived. It was of Gordon a Madsen and unleashed the madness. The adrenaline rushes and so does the beers. So much so that some of them water you. It’s crazy. Literally. Seeing an unconscious fighter on the ground is what we all expect when witnessing an evening like this, but it never ceases to impress.

The same as the first knock out (or more) made an impression on the Sadikhov-Borshchev, which ended in a draw and with the fighters dancing after an authentic recital. They split their faces and are so friendly… Maybe that’s the beauty of contact sports. Nobility is always ahead.

I will not go into talking about the nobility of the other great star of the night: Donald Trump. The former president was received with more honors than any fighter. It is difficult to imagine a president or former president of the Spanish government getting anywhere like this.

He Lopes-Sabatini and the knock out of St Denis a Frevola In a very military duel they were the perfect opening act for the exhibition of Andrade ante Dern and the two highlights of the night: the victories of Aspinall and Pereira.

The Madison became a small Maracan

The British finished with Pavlovich On the fast track, he burst into tears and handed the championship belt to his father while he was still savoring the historic moment inside the cage. For her part, Pereirawho did not dominate as expected, won Porchzka and felt the heat of a Madison Square Garden that for a while seemed like a small Maracan to raise him as the new light heavyweight champion.

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