UAE.. inspiring steps in the field of space

Scientists and specialists have praised the thoughtful steps taken by the United Arab Emirates in the space sector, which have been crowned with broad successes, in parallel with ambitious plans and goals, and which place the country among the ranks of advanced countries in this field.

This came in the context of their comments in separate statements to Al-Bayan about the achievement of the Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi, the longest space mission in the history of the Arabs, “Ambition Zayed 2”, which lasted six months, during which he conducted 200 scientific research missions, while spending more than 4,400 hours. In space, and approximately 600 hours conducting scientific experiments, a journey that inspires Arab youth that they are able to contribute positively to humanity’s scientific and cultural path.

In statements to Al Bayan, the physicist and professor of space science and astronautical engineering at the Viterbi College of Engineering at the University of Southern California, Mike Gruntman, appreciated the steps taken by the UAE in the field of space, praising Al Neyadi’s inspiring journey for the younger generation in science. Gruntman said:

“The UAE has demonstrated remarkable progress in mastering space technology. This is a complex and specialized field of science and engineering, requiring decades of development, and where capabilities cannot be created overnight.”

Elite Club

The professor of space science and astronautical engineering explained that human spaceflight is indispensable, stressing that the flight of the Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi is another important step to joining the elite club with astronauts in orbit. He pointed out that Al Neyadi’s flight would help excite and motivate The younger generation in science and engineering critically, for the progress of the economy and the quality of human life.

In addition, Dr. Howard McCurdy, a university professor at the American University in Washington, who specializes in space policy, praised the steps to enhance the participation of a wide range of countries in the field of space. He said: It is important for a wide range of countries to participate in space activities, and not limit participation to only a few. He also spoke about the importance of concerted international efforts in this sector, explaining that the reforms achieved by the new space movement are due in large part to its ability to work at the international level.


In turn, the Vice President of the Regional Center for Space Science and Technology at the United Nations, Dr. Alaa Al-Nahri, said in statements to Al-Bayan that the journey of the Emirati astronaut Sultan Al-Neyadi is a great thing that adds to the UAE’s steps in the field of space, especially since it lasted for a period of six months. And he conducted scientific experiments.

He explained that Al-Neyadi is considered a real astronaut, because some countries send a traveler or a space tourist and call him the title of astronaut, which is not true, while the one who receives the space badge is either a pilot, a navigator, or a person who has conducted scientific experiments on board a spacecraft or on the International Space Station, which is located. At an altitude of approximately 400 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.

He continued: The UAE has become keeping pace with the major countries in the field of space, pointing to many important steps that the country has taken in this sector, including the Hope Probe, which reached the orbit of Mars to study the red planet in scientific topics that countries of the world have not addressed before, and among the steps are Also at the satellite level.

The country has a constellation of satellites, in addition to its participation in manufacturing large parts of them.
He also referred to the project to explore the “asteroid belt” located between the planets Mars and Jupiter, which is a project that will last 13 years (6 years for development and 7 years for exploration).

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