Two years of unproductivity of Digital Fueguina and Tecnosur

The production process is in full force and the facilities are in condition to be used, however, the Garbarino Group informed its workers that the decision is to sell it, in order to obtain money and comply with the obligations that arose after the bankruptcy.


Despite having the production process in full force, the Digital Fueguina and Tecnosur factory has stopped producing for two and a half years; after the bankruptcy of the Garbarino company, a group to which it supplied its main products for sale to the public throughout the country.

The factory workers, who are in a situation of total uncertainty because they were not fired and are still awaiting a definition of their employment situation, indicated that all the facilities are in condition to be used and, therefore, the factory can produce again. when there is a political gesture to reactivate production.

Marcos González, one of the company’s workers and spokesperson for his colleagues, pointed out that the only response they have received from Garbarino’s managers is that the decision is to sell the factory in parts, to whoever is interested in comparing it and with This will allow him to face the immediate and urgent obligations he has in Buenos Aires and, only then, fulfill his workers.

González assured that “the production processes are still active and that this factory is still in a position to be able to produce again” which has been unproductive for more than two and a half years.

“Here there is a factory that is a model to be able to deepen local production, to be able to give work to colleagues and not dismember it and sell it, as is offered there from the Garbarino area,” emphasized the Digital Fueguina worker, who summoned the press to observe the state of the facilities,

González said that the company’s “response today is to be able to sell the factory in pieces, a machine to one, another machine to another, and we know that when that happens the beneficiaries are always two or three groups in the province, which are the “They have the purchasing power to be able to buy it, to be able to take those machines and at a price that is actually very little.”

The worker representative also pointed out that there was interest from companies in Tierra del Fuego to rent the facilities, in order to expand their production there, but from the Garbarino Group the only thing that arises is the rejection of that alternative and the concrete and substantive decision is to sell the machinery and production lines.

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