Tuchel in a dispute with experts Matthäus and Hamann

Aalso the former national player Dietmar Hamann puts in Dispute with Thomas Tuchel There is no value in a personal discussion with the FC Bayern football coach. The 50-year-old referred to Tuchel’s previous statement Dispute with Hamann and record national player Lothar Matthäus Regarding a possible debate, he said that he normally does not meet face-to-face with TV experts. “I see it the same way. Proximity is bad and not beneficial,” said former Bayern professional Hamann on the “Sky90” program on Sunday evening.

Tuchel had after that FC Bayern beat Borussia Dortmund 4-0 in the top Bundesliga game irritated at that previous criticism from the experts Hamann and Matthäus Reacts. The 50-year-old had a verbal duel with Matthäus and presenter Sebastian Hellmann in an interview with the TV channel Sky. The day after, when asked about a possible debate on “Bild TV”, he said: “I have enough to do in my job.”

According to his own statement, Hamann knows Tuchel from their time together in youth teams, but has not had personal contact with the coach for a long time. “I wouldn’t have a problem having coffee with him, but if not, that’s fine too,” said Hamann. Personally, he has no problem with Tuchel. “I really appreciate him, he has a good sense of humor.”

“A little surprised and amazed”

However, Hamann expressed surprise at the form of the Bayern coach’s criticism. “I was a little surprised and amazed by the way it was done. This is also a form of decency. You have to do that on some level,” he said. The former Bayern professional Matthäus, like Hamann, had after the Cup exit for the record winner at the third division club 1. FC Saarbrücken Criticism expressed towards Tuchel and the team.

“I understand that he fought back. He has to protect himself, protect the players, protect the club, that’s his duty,” said Hamann. However, the expert criticized that Tuchel did not say “what was bothering him”. Personally, he has no problem with the coach. “For me it’s always about the matter, it’s not about Thomas Tuchel at all,” said Hamann.

From a sporting perspective, Hamann sticks to his criticism. “For the first time in eight months under Tuchel, they showed a game from minute one to 90, where I say: ‘Wow, that was strong.’” The way Munich played football this season “for the most part not good”. Too often there is a lack of sovereignty and concentration.

According to his own statement, Matthäus also has “no problem” with the Bayern coach. “Everyone has their own point of view, and I think I’m trying to deal with it correctly,” said the Sky expert after Munich’s 4-0 win in Dortmund on Saturday evening. If he is criticized, like Tuchel did during a press conference on Friday, he accepts it. “If he was serious, then he can be serious. I can live with it.”

Matthäus would like to settle the public dispute with Tuchel over a cold drink. “I don’t have a problem with that at all,” he said on Sport1: “We can also have a beer together.” But Tuchel will “definitely” calm down again anyway. The 62-year-old stands by his criticism of the development of the Bayern under Tuchel, who replaced Julian Nagelsmann as coach. “I haven’t seen any significant steps taken better or differently in the last seven months now – and that’s what I said,” he said.

“What I criticized was how the results came about. “I often missed the sovereignty and quality that was shown against Dortmund,” explained Matthäus. He “as an expert has the right to say something like that” – and then analyzed Tuchel’s reaction. “If Thomas Tuchel was wrong about that, then it’s up to him how he deals with it. I’ve been criticized a lot in the past, both as a player and as a coach. I then swallowed twice and tried to do better in the next game.”

Tuchel, however, has no interest in a private discussion. “I have enough to do in my job,” said Tuchel on “Bild TV”. When asked whether he would drink a gin and tonic with Matthäus again, the Munich coach said: “I don’t drink alcohol during the season. I am now asked about Didi Hamann and Lothar Matthäus every week. I don’t feel like standing in the middle and making comments.”

“Today was the day to finally say that. I won’t go into it any further,” continued Tuchel: “It’s good at some point, we understand it too. It was enough.” Bayern President Herbert Hainer considers Tuchel’s reaction in the dispute with Matthäus and Hamann to be appropriate and understandable. “I think it’s good that Thomas has now put up a stop sign. I like that he is so defensive,” said Hainer at Magenta Sport.

“He has enough pressure like all of us at Bayern. Everyone can express their opinion and criticize. “Sometimes you had the impression that everything was in ruins and that we were playing against relegation,” Hainer continued. “We haven’t lost a game yet and have won every game in the Champions League. Yes, we were eliminated from the cup. Not good, but it can happen.”

Bayern Munich’s CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen also jumped to the side of coach Thomas Tuchel in the dispute with the TV experts. “I’m very surprised at the nature of the criticism over the past few weeks,” said Dreesen in an interview with kicker. “It’s completely understandable that Thomas Tuchel won’t let it slide, and he has our full support.”

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