Tuchel criticizes TV experts like Matthäus and Hamann

AGiven the occasion, one thing could be noted in advance about this Bundesliga “Clásico”: that the German term “Klassiker” has perhaps not become established and should not become established because it has another meaning. “This is a classic” is a standing expression that means something has turned out the same again as it always did. In this case, a Dortmund defeat that only stands out from previous ones in that it was particularly devastating.

But because of the FC coach Bayern – and thus to the occasion – after this 4-0 triumph Irony was more important than content, it was hardly about how the Munich team had carved this razor-sharp appearance out of distress into the Dortmund turf and the flesh of all BVB sympathizers and what part the tactician Tuchel had in it, but rather about the question: how thin-skinned a Bayern coach can afford to be.

Strictly speaking, it was not irony, but biting sarcasm with which Bayern coach Tuchel responded to the critical diagnoses of former Bayern players before and after the game Lothar Matthäus and Dietmar Hamann wanted to give. For Tuchel, the term “television expert” obviously means above all that someone is judging from quite a distance and with maximum opinion.

The hat string can sometimes burst

You can understand why you don’t like this attitude, even if you’re not someone like Tuchel, who thinks about football with such sacred seriousness that media communication about it seems inherently suspicious and under-complex – one reason why he’s already too Dortmund time avoided the interview format.

In the Bundesliga chatterbox, the media figures Matthäus and Hamann also represent the self-referentiality of parts of the company, in which the pithy statements are played with relish on other channels, especially those on the tabloids, and thus have an increased impact on the actual actors. If you just want to teach football in peace, your hat string can burst.

Which then leads to the question of whether Tuchel has chosen the right club – and Bayern the right coach. Dealing with (media) excitement has always been one of the key skills at Säbener Straße, and it is no coincidence that the club found the man who suited it like no other in the late Jupp Heynckes.

Heynckes was given the honorary title of “Don” Jupp in Madrid because of his seniority, but no one has ever heard of a “Don” Julian in Munich. And because Tuchel didn’t limit himself to one or two well-placed punchlines, he stood on the field a bit like a foolish Don Quixote, fighting against the windmills of the company.

What all of this means specifically for the Bavarian climate is not intended to be speculated here; It also depends on what it was like before. But it will definitely come back to haunt the coach from another perspective.

The fact that Tuchel claimed during the week that he didn’t read any reports – and why should he, after all, he was there himself – can probably be called an irony in this story. And that in the next few weeks the audience will once again take a particularly close look at what is happening in Munich: a classic.

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