Traffic notes!

I have more than one traffic note; The first is that some drivers continue to drive on the shoulder of the road, despite the clarity of the announcement that it is a violation that is monitored automatically and that this is spread through social media platforms and the media. Are these violators rebelling against the law, or are they testing the seriousness of its application?!

The second observation is the violation of the sanctity of the entry-forbidden sign, so you almost feel that its presence is as if it is not there, especially at the entrances branching from the main streets to the neighborhoods. Despite the presence of the sign and the design of the sidewalk with a curve indicating that it is an entrance and not an exit, many drivers insist on storming it, causing unjustified crowding. To him, and a danger to traffic safety that increases the possibility of accidents, and it is remarkable that every time I try to enter one of the one-way entrances, I find on the other hand an opposite driver who is not ashamed of himself, but rather shows anger because I blocked his way and forced him to back off, and the truth is that I enjoy exercising my right and forcing them On undoing with reference to the No Entry plate!

The third note, 3 confusing cases occurred to me on a main road in the city of Riyadh, as it was announced some time ago that lanes were specified to give way to emergency vehicles. On King Fahd Highway, the middle lane must be cleared, but the ambulances in the three cases took the left lane on the old system, The drivers were at a loss, should they stick to the left lane to give way to the middle lane, or would they commit a violation and deviate to the middle lane to give way to the ambulance that insisted on taking the left lane, with the “leeches” convoy attached to it at full speed?!

In short.. whoever succeeds in imposing seat belts to become a prevailing culture will not fail to enforce respect for all traffic laws by educating the unsuspecting and monitoring the violators!

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