Tradition Day is celebrated in style in Polvaderas

On November 11 and 12, the town of Polvaredas, located in the district of Saladillo, will hold a great celebration of tradition with free admission, which will last two days and will bring together entire families and local artists. Added to the proposal is a great Creole parade, folklore clubs, rein tests, bonfire and dancing.

Lovers of country gatherings will experience the 7th Tradition Festival in the rural town of Polvaredas, organized by local institutions and sponsored by the Municipality of Saladillo. It is a country meeting that will take place for two days, where you can enjoy folklore clubs and a bonfire, animated by HernĂ¡n Velasco and Agustin Rolleri.

Alicia Tancredi, one of the organizers, commented that “On Saturday starting at 2 p.m. at the former Railway property, it will begin with a campero section that is being held for the first time in this festival and consists of a team skill, that is, three people mounted They must set aside 3 calves that are identified with the same color or the same number and the one that does it in the shortest time will win. Next there will be a juvenile reining test that will be mixed and then it will be the lady riders, of which there are many in the area, the that will shine. At night the event continues with a large bonfire and dance where several musical bands will participate,” he commented.

On Sunday at 9 the Creole parade will take place, and you will be able to enjoy the national pavilion. Tancredi expressed that “At 2:00 p.m. the ring race begins, there are 4 people who pass under the arch and there are 6 passes, then there will be a mixed tame rein test. We want to highlight that 80 percent of the money raised we give in prizes,” I continue.

“This festival is free of charge and will bring together many people who love country festivals and we have a property that has a large grove of trees, ideal for spending a picnic with the family and enjoying a different day. Access to our The town is ideal because it is by road and we have everything prepared for this to be a great party, from games for the children, artisan stalls, a large canteen and grill. This year we have many young people working and that is very encouraging for us “The pearl of this meeting and what no one should miss are the pastries and cakes made by the women of Polvareda that have become an attraction,” he concluded.

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