Todino beat Trucco on the last lap, who got angry and claimed a touch on his car

A spicy and controversial ending had the penultimate date of the Gold Cup of the Road Tourism in Toay. In a very tight race, German Todino He took the victory by overtaking on the last lap Juan Martin Trucco with a maneuver that generated controversy due to a touch between the cars of the two who were fighting for victory.

The team driver Di Meglio Motorsport He filed a complaint for the overtaking to be reviewed, but, after re-examining it, the sports commissioners rescinded the complaint and ratified the triumph of “Gaucho de Rivera.”

The two pilots of Dodge They were the main protagonists on the Pampas racetrack for a good part of the race. After winning the fastest heat of the morning, Trucco started first, followed by Agustín Canapino y Juan Cruz Welcome. Todino started fourth but before the first caution of the afternoon, on the sixth lap due to the mistake of Andy Jakoshad already climbed to second place.

The one from Tres Algarrobos defended his leadership in the first relaunch and also in the second, which came after Nicolas Bonelli went off the track on the 15th turn. But Todino was increasing the pressure and closing the difference; and the tension grew.

In a heart-stopping last lap, the two were on par and Rivera’s, taking advantage of the fact that his car performed better in the curves than Trucco’s, performed that maneuver (controversial in the eyes of his rival) that allowed him to pass the front and take the victory.

“It was a very fast race, with the cars very even. On the last lap, Germán made an excess, we touched each other and he overtook me. In my opinion, the maneuver is not valid because it hits me on the tip of my tail and makes me uncomfortable. The truth is, I would have liked to win the race on the track,” Trucco commented, with his heart rate still very high, anticipating the claim that came later, but did not change the outcome.

“I beat him well,” Todino said. “It’s a friction at full acceleration. A legal maneuver. On the last lap it was difficult for him to traction and I went all or nothing. There was a friction, yes, but in the race. You have to know how to win and you have to know how to lose. And I beat him good”.

“I had a blast all weekend, but I had gotten hot because he won the series. But I was patient in a race in which we always went full throttle and in the end I was able to take the victory,” he added.

Todino, 23 years old, added his third win of the season and the fifth of his short career in the category. Meanwhile, Trucco, 36, achieved his 15th podium and was, once again, eager to celebrate his first victory in the TC.

Far from the madness that was the fight for first place, Marcos Landa (Torino) He starred in his own movie. The Uruguayan started seventh, but on the fourth lap he collided with Benvenuti and ended up in the back pack. And with a lot of patience and a car that performed very well, he climbed from 21st to third place and ended up on the podium.

“The team gave me a car to win and I wanted to repay them with the victory. I couldn’t, but we reached the podium with an incredible recovery. It was all thanks to the car, I alone drove. Now to think about San Juan,” he commented.

Who didn’t have a great day was Mariano Wernerwho came to Toay with the chance to secure his third title in the TC and did not succeed.

The man from Entre Ríos landed in La Pampa with an advantage of 40 units over Julian Santerohis immediate pursuer in the gold Cup. He needed to extend that difference to 71 to leave as champion. But he finished 15th in the final and will now have to wait three weeks for another chance to consecrate himself.

“On Saturday we made a good reading, but today (for this Sunday) I was not good in terms of conduct because in the series I was badly stopped when Craparo passed me and then in the final it was difficult for me to advance because we were all very even, except Landa, who “I had an impressive car,” Werner analyzed.

And he closed: “I’m still happy, if I take into account that we arrived at Toay with a 40-point advantage and we leave with 38.5.”

That’s right: that of Ford remains first in the Gold Cup table with 172 units. Now they escort him James Mangoni with 133.5 and Trucco – who entered thanks to “Los 3 de Último Minuto” but owes the victory required to be champion – with 125.

Further back are Santero (122.5), Todino (121), Landa (111.5), Valentin Aguirre (111) y José Manuel Urcera (109). Landa and Urcera, defending champion, have not yet won in 2023 either.

The eight will reach the last date in San Juan (December 2 and 3) with mathematical chances of being crowned champions, so the TC promises to have a close to the season with strong emotions in El Villicum.

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