Today’s weather: rain of varying intensity in most parts of Cairo, with the highest being 28 degrees

Expect a body Meteorology Weather forecast: Today, Sunday, will witness hot weather during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, and North Upper Egypt, moderate on the northern coasts, hot in South Sinai, very hot in South Upper Egypt, pleasant at the beginning of the night, and cool at the end in the north of the country until North Upper Egypt, pleasant. In South Sinai and South Upper Egypt.

and expected Meteorological AuthorityToday, there will be water mist in the morning on some agricultural and highway roads close to bodies of water in some areas, and wind activity accompanying thunderclouds may cause sand and dust in some areas of the Western Desert and northern Upper Egypt.

Today also witnesses opportunities Light rain It may be moderate and thundery at times in separate areas and intermittent periods over Greater Cairo and southern Lower Egypt, and chances of light rain, sometimes thundery, over northern Lower Egypt, and light to moderate rain, sometimes thundery, on the northeastern coasts, central Sinai, and the Canal cities, and light rain, sometimes thundery, over Areas south of the Red Sea mountain ranges, chances of moderate rain and sometimes thunderstorms in northern Upper Egypt and the Western Desert, and chances of light rain, sometimes thundery, in southern Upper Egypt.

And for Temperatures today, SundayGreater Cairo is 28 degrees and Minor is 20, Alexandria is 28 and Minor is 19, Matrouh is 26 degrees and Minor is 17, Great Sohag is 33 degrees and Minor is 19, Great Qena is 34 degrees and Minor is 22, and Aswan Great is 35 degrees and Minor is 23.

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