Today.. is the 15th anniversary of the passing of Sayed Metwally, the former President of Al-Masry

Today, Tuesday, marks the fifteenth anniversary of the death of Sayed Metwally, the club’s historic president Egyptian Port SaidMetwally served as president of the Port Said Club for many years, and he died on this day in 2008. One of his most famous sayings is, “I will not leave the Egyptian Club except for my grave,” which he always repeated to express the story of his love for the Port Said Club.

Mr. Metwally Abdel Rahman was born in 1940 in the Arab neighborhood in Port Said, and he comes in second place in a simple family whose breadwinner works as a worker in the governorate. After obtaining a commercial secondary school diploma, he joined the Public Transport Authority, to continue his studies at the same time as a member of the Faculty of Commerce. Throughout his adolescence and youth, he was known for his intense passion. With the Egyptian Club and his constant encouragement for it, whether behind the club’s walls or among the fans of the third division.

In 1981, he ran in the Football Association elections for the position of agent from outside Cairo and failed against Salah Hasaballah. He brought to the club the most famous coaches, led by the Hungarian Puskas, the most famous Real Madrid star. He also brought to the club a group of football stars such as Gamal Gouda, El Gendy and Eno, and it is recorded that he was the first A club president signs two foreign players for Al-Masry, namely Iranian players Qassem Pour and Barazakry, and Senegal national team goalkeeper Samba Fall.

During the years 83 and 84, Metwally came close to the dream of the championship, which Al-Masry, which was founded in 1923, had not achieved after the club reached the cup final twice against Al-Ahly, and when Sayed Metwally was preparing to receive the cup at Cairo Stadium, the famous goal of Alaa Mayhoub, which he scored in the first minute. Of extra time.

Sayed Metwally and Al-Masry often clashed with the Football Association and the referees, and the most famous clash was in 1982 when the crowd announced their anger, following a famous goal by Zamalek player Nasr Ibrahim, which the crowd considered “offside.” Metwally is considered the darling of the Port Said fans until now for what he provided for the club throughout his presidency.

Metwally married the artist Suhair Ramzi, and Haj Sayed Metwally is her third husband, and after her separation from him, she married the Syrian businessman Zakaria Bakkar.

After that, she resumed her relationship with Sayed Metwally, the president of the Egyptian club, Port Said, but she did not continue with him for long.

On November 7, 2008, the late Metwally of the world departed to his final resting place, and his funeral took place in Port Said and the fans of Egyptian football and its leaders in a solemn funeral after thousands of people performed the prayer for the deceased at the Egyptian Club Stadium, as was recommended, to bring the curtain down on a symbol of Egyptian football who lived and died as a lover of his Egyptian club, Port Said. .

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