Tito Ordóñez defends Alianza Lima for the blackout at the Universitario celebration

University of Sports defeated 2-0 Lima Alliance and became champion of the Liga1 2023. As soon as the match finished, the lights of the La Victoria stadium went out and it was not possible to carry out the stipulated awards. The cream players celebrated the same way, in the dark, but the controversial situation left an image of a bad loser at the venue. Given this, Tito Ordóñez, blue and white delegate, came out to clarify the situation.

The final whistle of referee Edwin Ordóñez consecrated Universitario on the Alianza Lima field. The celebration in the dark, after the blackout in the stadium, will remain in the memory as the identification of this 2023 title. The situation generated disbelief on the field and a lot of controversy outside of it. The director of Alianza Lima tried to disassociate herself from the event and blamed the State authorities.

Alianza Lima’s explanation for the blackout after the University degree

“Those decisions are not ours to make. Let there be no awards. Turn off the lights. It is not a decision of the club”stated Tito Ordóñez.

“You are going to find out the reality and you will understand what the reason was.”, the decision made by the authorities,” added Tito Ordóñez. The manager assured that this Thursday the club will release a statement explaining the situation.

“It is the authorities who determine the steps that the institutions have to follow”said Tito Ordóñez. Thus, the manager diverted responsibility for what happened to the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office. The institutions have not yet expressed themselves on the fact. No one has yet made the decision to turn off the lights.

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