Tigre beat Belgrano and dreams of saving himself from relegation

Tigre took from Córdoba one of those triumphs that can mark his life in the short term. The kind that usually gives a push towards goals. And he is excited about permanence. How not to do it after the enormous victory that took place in Córdoba. How not to smile if he crushed Belgrano, as a visitor, with authority and the hope of continuing in the First Division.

El Matador won 3-0 because they were able to build on the early initial advantage that they took 2 minutes into the game, they were forceful and defended the advantage well. He resisted when the Pirate pressured him and went in search of getting closer to the scoreboard. Santiago Rojas, his goalkeeper, supported him with that enormous block that deprived Passerini of the discount goal that would have made things 1-2 for the Córdoba team.

Victoria’s cast knew how to go through adverse moments, without needing to retreat for a long time near their goal. He showed solidity at the back, he planted himself in the middle zone, he took advantage of the local flaws. He did not forgive. Until this Monday he had scored four goals in the entire League Cup in one night and he came away with three conquests, through pure offensive power.

Belgrano could not recover from the early setback

Ezequiel Forclaz struck early and silenced the state. Belgrano was shaken by a rude mistake by the man who usually responds with confidence: Nahuel Losada. The goalkeeper went too far by diving on his left and the shot beat his hands. Early on, the host had the road uphill. He had to gain the courage to trace history and not get carried away by the anxiety of his audience, which was felt.

Damaged, it was due to the brown. But he did not find it because at times he rushed through the executions. He chose wrong. And there was also good defensive work from the Matador, who won the individual duels and always had a leg appear to thwart the Pirate’s attempts.

Tigre controlled the pulse of the match

Belgrano stopped further forward in the second half, although he never found the keys. She exposed herself to the opposition and Tigre, lying in wait, went for her. He managed the times, with the help that Sebastián Prediger gave him when he entered the final stage. And with the good production of José Paradela, who took care of the ball and always gave it very good distribution. Belgrano, increasingly desperate, began to be held hostage by his helplessness. And Cristian Zabala’s hammer came to score the third. The one with the knockout.

If they won, the Pirate would remain the leader in Zone B and would enter the 2024 Copa Sudamericana territory. Tigre gave him one of those setbacks and did not let him meet those objectives. El Matador achieved its second consecutive victory.

“You have to be brave, I’ve been saying it for games. It’s a very difficult situation. I can’t sleep, I don’t wish it on anyone,” Prediger confessed., the experienced Tigre player. Now is the time to dream. How could you not do it, Tigre, after the triumph that was kept in your bag!? It played like a final. With grit and intelligence.

Rojas’ great cover

Tigre 6-11-2023

Rojas save

The goals of the match

Tigre 6-11-2023

Losada blooper for Tigre’s 1-0

Tigre 6-11-2023

Reniero scored the Matador’s 2-0

Tigre 6-11-2023

Zabala made it 3-0 for Tigre

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