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How much time must pass from its completion for a meeting of interpreters of a series to be necessary? The rules are not clear, since anything goes when it comes to appealing to viewers’ nostalgia. Although there is currently no reunion project on the table, the (almost) entire cast of the sitcom Modern Family has come together for a very special evening, which the actress Sofia Vergara has shared with various photographs on his Instagram account.

The Pritchetts and the Dunphys have seen each other again, three years after the end of the series, which reached its eleven seasons and up to 250 episodes. Created in 2009 by Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, the fiction joined the ship of comedies shot in a mockumentary style, as well as The Office o Parks and Recreationin an attempt to capture contemporary family diversity at the core of an American family.

Photo: 'Modern Family' will end with a great family event.

Vergara, who will premiere next year Griseldaa new series for Netflixbased on the real life of Griselda Blanco, one of the creators of the most powerful drug cartel in Colombia, has shared among its followers the images of the meeting between Ed O’Neill, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler-Ferguson, Rico Rodríguez, Eric Stonestreet, Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons and Nolan Gould, under the text “The First Modern Family Reunion”.

A notable absence

Solo an actor was unable to attend to the event, but that does not mean it has been less present. This is the patriarch of the family, the clumsy Phil Dunphy, played by Ty Burrell. To compensate for his absence, the protagonists of the series have framed a promotional photo of the actor, in which he appears with headphones on his head, like the modern family man that he considered himself.

In a video shared by Vergara, who played Manny (Rodriguez), Mitch (Tyler-Ferguson) and Haley (Hyland) shout at the photo that they miss him. Among the images, surprising is the big physical change of Rodriguez, and especially of Anderson-Emmons, 16 years old, whom fiction has seen grow since he joined the comedy in its third season, at the age of 6.

The “growth spurts” of Gould (Luke, the youngest of the Dunphys) and Alex (Winter) also draw attention, although their stage of adolescent change was already followed by viewers while the fun fiction lasted. Among those attending the reunion, there were also the respective couples in real life of Cam and Mitch, Justin Mikita, husband of actor Jesse Tyler-Ferguson, and Lindsay Schweitzer, wife of Eric Stonestreet.

In another publication, Vergara appears with her former husband in fiction, Jay Pritchett, to whom she dedicates another small text: “I love you, Ed O’Neill”. Although years have passed, more than a decade of filming has been enough for you to feel that these performers are truly part of a family. In our country, Modern Family It is available on the video on demand (VOD) platform. Disney+.

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