They separated when they were a year old.. Two sisters met for the first time in 50 years

The Easter break has brought a woman back to her sister, her biological family, and relatives they haven’t seen in decades. At the airport baggage claim center in Kansas City, Missouri, where Melissa Hergert and her aunt, Deb Wittig, anxiously await their 1:30 flight from Dallas. They were waiting for a woman they had never met in person. However, the three shared a deep relationship.

According to (local12) Melissa Hergert decided to look for her sister, who was adopted by another family, and separated them, since she was less than a year old, and she did not have the opportunity to meet her at all. Melissa Hergert was less than a year old when her mother, Linda, put her older sister, Amy Leonard, up for adoption. The sisters had never met for more than fifty years. According to their aunt, Deb Wittig, the mother of the two women was “young and having a hard time so I made this decision and put the baby up for adoption”. Last fall, Whitig began searching, and it turned out that Amy was looking for her, too, so they arranged a meeting in Kansas City during spring break.

Indeed, “Deeb” was able to reach “Amy”, through a journey searching for her on the Internet, and the two sisters got to know each other through social networking sites, according to Melissa: “I saw her for the first time through the phone screen, and we got to know each other, and we discovered how much we have.” Common things, very close features ».

In the airport yard, Melissa Hergert and her aunt, Deb Wittig, are waiting for someone they hardly know. He gave her up for adoption, but I never expected to meet her, describing her as “the missing piece to our family puzzle.”

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